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Poster: brewster Date: Jun 11, 2008 3:53pm
Forum: sflan Subject: open-mesh results

It was great fun.

We tried about 20 nodes in the presidio. It did not just snap into a network. We had more luck when we added one node at a time.

With one hop, across a street, we got 570Kb download 988Kb uplink. (so mac to router to router to wire).

Our guesses at what to do next time:

* power on the nodes on a wire for a while to get its firmware updated.

* the mac addresses on the wireless side is different (by 1) to the number on the bottom of the box.

* to know what radio you are talking to on a mac, there is an internal tool from Apple called instantanousThroughputMaker (iTM). We are not supposed to distribute it.

* add one node at at time.